Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Watch the Neon Colors Blur

Watch the neon colors blur

Galvanized and inspired

Noble in embodiment

Coruscating white, admired

Blue jumping higher, higher

Tumbling stumbling down

See the neon colored signs

Softening, merging around

White and blue becoming one

Coalesce, blend, and stir

You and I intertwine

Watch the neon colors blur

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Background Info:
I have a stuffed animal dog named S.Washbucklington (pronounced with a silent period) that my boyfriend gave me for our first Valentine's Day.

In my dream I was laying in bed sleeping and woke up to something tickling my arm. I looked over and there was a slimy tail coming from a rip in S.Washbucklington. This freaked me out and I wasn't quite sure what to do but i decided to pull whatever was in my dog out and kill it. I rolled out of bed and sat on the floor of my dorm room and pulled. Out came a foot long worm/snake type thing whose head looked the the head of the basilisk from Harry Potter. It bit onto my hand and i couldn't get it off. I yelled to my roommate who sleeps in the top of our bunk bed to come help me and she woke up, jumped down, grabbed the snake and cut it up with one of her knives she uses for fruit. She then put the pieces into a ziplock back and sealed it shut. We thought we were in the clear but then we saw another tail emerge from my poor stuffed animal. Again, I pulled it out, she grabbed it, cut it up, and I sealed it and threw it away. For some reason it was very important that we sealed the pieces in a ziplock bag before throwing them away or they could come back to life somehow. Ziplock bags prevented this i guess. Anyway, this happened over and over again until I eventually woke up for real.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Date: 8-4-09
Whenever I needed to talk to somebody my mouth would fill with a giant wad of gum and I wasn't able to say anything. I started to spit it out but whenever I spit any out more would just appear in my mouth. Eventually I would give up on trying to talk to somebody and right when I did that the gum would disappear. Then it would start all over again when I wanted to say anything. It was impossible to communicate with anyone. Then I woke up.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Date: 7/16/09

This morning my cousin told me that I was talking in my sleep last night. Full sentence conversation for about 5 min. She couldn't remember everything I said, but some of it was about elevators and food. I don't remember what I was dreaming about either.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Date: July 6th, 2009

My whole extended family was hanging out on the porch of our cottage and there were tons of instruments laying around. There was also one random guy there. He was a 7 foot tall African man with tribal looking clothes on and he was holding a drum. I asked him if I could play it, and he said I could, but then I would have to lead the parade. So I grabbed the drum and walked out the door. Everyone started playing their instruments and followed me out the door and down the beach along the edge of Torch Lake. As we passed cottages the people inside would run out and join our parade. Eventually I made it all the way around Torch Lake and everyone on the whole lake, thousands of people, were following me. Everyone had instruments and we were making a giant ruckus and making awesome music. Then I woke up.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Date: 6/26/09

I have a very vivid dream that lasted quite a long time and the only thing I was doing was cleaning the drain of my bath tub. I was pulling out nasty hair and old chunks of soap and bandaids. It was basically a really gross dream.

Date: 6/27/09

I went threw a car wash and cleaned my car. Then my mom and I went shopping I found some really awesome clothes for really cheap and bought soooo much. It was the best day ever. Then I woke up and couldn't find anything I wanted to wear. It was really disappointing.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Date: The day prior to my graduation open house

My mom woke me up one morning earlier than usual. It was raining outside really hard. She informed my brother John and I that we couldn't continue on with our lives because the school board just called and we were missing some of our credits from 2nd grade. We were both in college in my dream, so this seemed like late notice to say the least. Fortunately we only had to go back to 2nd grade for one day.

2nd Grade in my dream was much different than how I remember it in real life. It was held in a warehouse that was full of metal shelves holding old broken down toys. The ground was concrete and there holes in the walls and ceiling. The rain was dripping through in some parts of the warehouse.

John and i were playing with the old toys for a while and our temporary teacher was praising us on our ability to get along with the kids and share. I don't think she really realized we were about 10 years older than her other students.

Eventually I pulled out my old Woody and Buzz toys from my own childhood and started to play with them. The other kids ran up to me and wanted to play with them also. They were the only toys in the warehouse that weren't broken. I asked them not to play with my Woody and Buzz because I didn't want them to break. They are really important to me. The kids didn't like this answer though and they grabbed them from me and started to rip them apart and smash them. I was really upset and returned to my 2nd grade ways and started to cry.

John was angry that the other kids did that to me and he started to beat the other kids up. It was like an action movie and John was fighting off about five kids at a time. Finally when the majority of the 2nd graders were lying on the ground with broken arms and bloody noses our teacher told us to sit in the corner while she called our parents. My mom came to pick us up and the teacher told her we were expelled and didn't get our credits.

Then I woke up.