Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Date With God

God asked me on a date last Sunday night,
And I'll admit it was a bit awkward.
I hadn't talked to him since the Big Fight,
And lacking in belief, wasn't assured.

I wasn't close enough to him to be
At ease, and he kept looking through the dust
Upon my heart and soul, and I could clearly see
That he was troubled by my lack of trust.

He asked me why I left and I replied,
I couldn't stand the hate of those that say
They love thy neighbors true and always tried
To follow His good teachings and The Way.

"They hate and beat and slander gays! They lie!
Those are your kids!" "I know" He said, and cried.

Addie Forgrave

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Date: 4-3-09
I was coming home and i parked in the driveway. The garage was open and my dad was working on his workbench and was obviously pissed off. I walked up and asked him what was wrong and said "nothing. go inside! i'm busy." so i went inside, and noticed a strange man sitting on our family room couch. He was wearing a black top hat and a red and white striped dress shirt and a black vest. He was holding two chimps on him lap and talking to them. I was confused so i went into the kitchen to ask my mom what was going on. she said she didn't want to talk about it and that i should go do my homework or something. I was about to go, but i noticed, Grace, my dog was sitting on our kitchen table. I started to pet her and then she turned into one of the chimps. I love monkeys so i asked mom if we could keep one but she told me no, the man was leaving right now. He came into the kitchen scooped up the chimp and walked out the front door. As he was walked toward his car i went to the front door to look out and the chimps were looking over his shoulder at me and smiling and waving. Then I woke up.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Date: ?

I was at my church in the children's room but it was about 5 times bigger than the actual one. There was a cabinet on one side of the room that was kind of tilted forward so when you opened the doors everything started to fall out. It was full of toys and I opened it and grabbed some small wooden pieces of something. I wasn't quite sure what it was. There was bathroom connected to this room so i went in the bathroom and started to put together these small pieces and they ended up making a little buzz lighter. It connected to the end of an electric toothbrush so when you turn the toothbrush on buzz spun. I did this and got really excited. Then I brushed my teeth. Then I woke up.
Date: 3-31-09

There's a Tim Horton's down the street from where I live. In my dream this Tim Horton's was a Panera. I really small one with about 2 booths. My brother John, my friend Em and I all went in one morning and we were in a huge rush to get to a motorboat rally on time. I have no idea what a motorboat rally is... but i guess it's important. John got a GIANT tuna sandwich, Em got a bagel and I couldn't decide what to get. The ENTIRE dream was me looking at the menu and freaking out. Then I woke up.