Sunday, March 29, 2009

Date: March 26, 2009
This was a really weird night of dreaming for me because i had 3 different dreams in one night and i remembered them all.

In the first one i was hanging out in my bedroom and a cat walked in. It was black and white and it had unusually spiky ears. It jumped at me and grabbed my arm and wouldn't let go. I tried to shake it off but I couldn't get it off me so i started to hit it against my wall. It still wouldn't let go, so i just gave up and let my arm hang limp at my side, the cat still hanging it. Then my own cat, whiskers, (who i totally HATE) walked in my room and started talking to me. (you know how in movies they animate the real animals to make them look like they're talking? This is how my cat looked). Whiskers said "You see Addie? Not all cats are mean." and I was like "What? That doesn't make any sense. This cat is attacking me!" and then Whiskers said "But i'm not am I?"

In the next dream I was up north at my cottage and my brother Will decided he wanted to go for a sail on his MC. He started sailing but i guess he got lost or something because he went missing for 2 weeks. My dad started freaking out and came to get my brother John and Me to go out looking for him on a motorboat. John and I were at a little barber shop in Bellair at the time and we were getting chicklets from those candy dispensers. Dad came running in and was like "We need to go find Will! He's lost! Come on!" but John and I said we were way too busy with the candy machines. It's not like we really didn't want to go. We were terrified for Will, but somehow in our minds, being too busy with candy made perfect sense.

In the next dream I was up north again, and I was trying to sneak into the girls room at the cottage. I was climbing through the window well and I was trying not to wake up Annie, my cousin, who's bed is right under the window will. Lora, my other cousin's bed is right there too, but instead of Lora being in that bed, an African girl with a shaved head and tribal markings on her was there instead. This seemed odd and I looked out into the girl's room and it was part jungle part girls room. There were leaves everywhere and the floor has grass covering it, and there was a lion sleeping in the bathroom. I tried sneaking past Annie and the African girl but the girl woke up and started chasing me with a spear. I knew if I got to my bed (usually just about 4 feet away from the window well) I would live, but my bed was about 20 feet away. I started running.

Then I woke up.
Date: March 23, 2009

It started out with my mom and I in Macy's looking for dresses for me. I HATE dress so I was obviously having a terrible time, but my mom was really excited. I guess I needed a dress to go to my friend Zack's house for dinner, which doesn't really make sense because if i was just going over for dinner i wouldn't need a dress. Anyway i was just wandering around, not having a good time and my mom wasn't shuting up about how i needed to get pretty and maybe we should buy me new underwear...blah blah blah and i wasn't really listening. Then i saw this little space between a wall and a pillar that lead down some stairs to some other clothes. They looked like cool clothes, graphic t-shirts and jeans etc. So i tried to squeeze through the gap but there was a table in my way full of board games. Finally i got through and then there weren't any clothes anymore, there were ONLY board games so i was kind of disappointed. My mom followed me down and we started looking around. This room lead off to a different hallway that we walked down and it turned into a skylight room with glass rooms lining one wall and benching going down the hall kind of like in a museum. I realized this was a jazz museum because in the glass rooms were not artifacts of jazz musicians but the actual musicians sitting in chairs playing instruments and you could go up and listen to them. It was almost like a zoo. I listened to music for a while but i eventually wandered over to one of the benches and sat down. On the bench was a pop up book all about vegetables. I started reading it and picking up the flaps and messing with tabs and everything. On one of the pages there was potato that you lifted up a flap and Ellen Degeneres's voice said "POTATO!" in French.
Then I woke up.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Date: 3-17-09

I was at my dorm at CMU (I'm a senior in high school now and I'm planning on going there next year) and I had to wake up early for something. I needed to blow dry my hair but I didn't want to disturb my roommate, so I decided to do it someplace else. I went out the the chicken coops on the lawn in from of the building (I don't know why there were chicken coops) and dried my hair in one of those. When I was finished I quietly went back to my dorm room to find that chickens were attacking my bed. I guess I woke them up or something. My bad.