Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Background Info:
I have a stuffed animal dog named S.Washbucklington (pronounced with a silent period) that my boyfriend gave me for our first Valentine's Day.

In my dream I was laying in bed sleeping and woke up to something tickling my arm. I looked over and there was a slimy tail coming from a rip in S.Washbucklington. This freaked me out and I wasn't quite sure what to do but i decided to pull whatever was in my dog out and kill it. I rolled out of bed and sat on the floor of my dorm room and pulled. Out came a foot long worm/snake type thing whose head looked the the head of the basilisk from Harry Potter. It bit onto my hand and i couldn't get it off. I yelled to my roommate who sleeps in the top of our bunk bed to come help me and she woke up, jumped down, grabbed the snake and cut it up with one of her knives she uses for fruit. She then put the pieces into a ziplock back and sealed it shut. We thought we were in the clear but then we saw another tail emerge from my poor stuffed animal. Again, I pulled it out, she grabbed it, cut it up, and I sealed it and threw it away. For some reason it was very important that we sealed the pieces in a ziplock bag before throwing them away or they could come back to life somehow. Ziplock bags prevented this i guess. Anyway, this happened over and over again until I eventually woke up for real.