Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Date: Nov. 28, 2008

(Close up of my face with a horrified expression)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Date: Nov. 19, 2008

My "mom" (I'm not really sure it was my real mom because I never saw her face) locked me up in the basement of a house. I've never seen this house before. The basement had white carpet, a gray couch, a t.v. and shelves lining the walls filled with children's toys. There were two doors off the the side that led to two different rooms. I never opened the first door, but the second door led to a GIANT room. It was about the size of half of a football field, longer than it was wide, and about 30 feet high. At this point in the dream the room was full of stuff but i never saw what because i closed the door and went back into the toy room. I started to get really angry because i realized i was locked up forever, and i wanted to make my "mom" made, so started to throw the toys at the walls to break them. No matter how hard i threw them though, they wouldn't break, and this made me even more angry. (then when i was dreaming this i realized it was a dream so i could make them break if i wanted to, because you can do anything in a dream, but still, they wouldn't break. This was really started to piss me off). Then my "mom" came down with a sandwich and told me to stop throwing things and left. I never saw her face. I sat on the couch for a few min. The couch was facing the door that led to the stairway going upstairs. I watched the door for a while. I never ate my sandwich. I never made any attempt to leave. I didn't even try to open the door. I just started at it. Eventually, I stood up and went back to the door that led to the giant room. I wanted to rollerblade in it. (Don't ask me why, I just really wanted to). When I went in this time it was completely empty, but there was a door on the opposite wall of the one i just walked through, so i went over to it and opened it. It led to a completely different building. It was like a portal or something. It led to a bar, right out onto a dance floor. I stepped through and all of a sudden i was wearing a black skimpy dress and i started to dance. It never occured to me that i had just escaped my prison. I never thought to just leave and never go back to that house. Instead i walked back through the door and into the giant room, sat on the floor and started a the blank, off white walls, and thought to myself, "I'm going to be locked up in here forever."
Then I woke up.
Date: Nov. 5, 2008

I'm at a sleepover at my friend Jessica's house. We are all lying on her family room floor talking about this girl from our art class that we all hate. I look over, and she is sleeping in a tent in Jess's kitchen wide awake, hearing everything we say. I feel really bad. Then all of a sudden I am in the woods in a deserted shack with someone. I don't know who, because I never look at their face. We are looking around in this deserted shack and find a bunch of packages. They were all sent pretty recently, and we are curious, so we start to open them. We find they are full of body parts. Ears, legs, fingers. We are totally scared shitless at this point because we figure some crazed maniac is going to find us in his shack, and then we hear this grunt behind us. We turn around to see a crazed maniac (duh). He is about 40 years old and had a gray beard and crazy gray hair sticking out all over. He's drooling a little bit. We start to run, but he catches us and sets us on fire. We try to put each other out by stomping on the fire, but it doesn't work, and they person with me stomped on my ankle so hard it broke. At this point we realize we are late for dinner, so we run home (still on fire mind you) and sit at the table and try to pretend like everything is ok. Our parents don't even notice that we are burning right there at the table, and finally we can't take it anymore, so we run outside to the lake that is in the front yard, and the person with me jumps in. Unfortunately, the water level went down like 3 feet and they didn't know it, so they hit the bottom pretty hard, and broke their legs. They warn me, but i'm still burning, so i decided to jump in anyway. Right as i break the surface of the water, I wake up.
Date: ???

I walk into a really big high school, but only go into the foyer, and stop. I'm planning on doing a prank. In the foyer is a huge bench that opens as a cabinet. All the students sit on it during the day. I'm carrying a frozen turkey, and my prank is to nail the turkey above the gym doors. I'm really excited about it, because for some reason i think it's going to be the best prank ever, but when i get to school that day i see that the senior boys are already duct taping McDonald's above the gym doors. This ruined my plan and I'm sad, so i just decide to put the turkey in the huge bench in the foyer. Then i woke up.
Date: Oct. 4, 2008

I'm yelling, crying, and then running. I'm running away from my family. I end up at a beach house by the ocean. There is no roof to the house at all, but this doesn't seem odd. I live there happily alone for 8 years without anyone knowing where i am. Every day i go out to the beach and fly kites. This is a lot of my dream right there. Me flying kites. Then one day i'm sitting in the house and kite falls into my lap. It's rolled up like a scroll. I unroll it and it's a rainbow kite. Just then it hits me i should find my family. I look up and see my dad standing in front of me. He has gotten really old in the 8 years. His hair has turned gray and he's wrinkled, and looks sad. He has 3 other people with him i don't know. We stand looking at each other for a while, neither of us wanted to talk first. Finally he explains that he had been looking for me for a while. He said my mom and my brothers all died and they people with him are his family. He goes on to explain they they have been his family long before we were. He had been living a double life. I walked outside, confused. I never said anything to him. I just left him standing there, and went outside to fly my rainbow kite.
Then I woke up.
Date: Aug. 22, 2008

I was a boy mouse and I was in charge of a group of mice. I think some were family, some friends. We were standing outside a brick house at night and we were talking about how I was going to sneak in and get us some food. Just as I was starting to leave one f the mice stopped me and asked to get some computer paper while i was in there. Then all of a sudden i was in the kitchen of the house, on the stove, filling a plastic zip lock bag with crackers.
Then, as if this was a totally different dream, I appeared on a stage of a theater and I was me, a human again, but I was least 27 years old. I was in charge of a children's theater class. Kids from the age of 5 to 13 gathered around me and I was giving them a pep talk. Then I appeared on the same stage, but now all the kids were gone, and the lights weren't as bright. I think it was night. I was building the set for the play. I was making these boxes that were on wheels and expanded or not and swiveled to show a different scene depending on how to put them together. they were pretty cool. Then I appeared with the kids again, and i was just finishing a speech. I ended with "Now it doesn't matter if you mess up, just make sure you have fun, ok?!" and all the kids smiled and cheered and the curtains opened.
Then I appear back as the mouse again, and I'm just about to leave the house with all this food, and a woman has woken up and noticed me. She is about to chase me with a broom, and I need to get out, but then i remember the computer paper, so I need to go back. Then I woke up.
Date: End of July sometime

I was walking through a huge grocery store with my friend Em. I was like a Sams x 10 and the ceilings were so high a helicopter could have flown inside there. We were walking down an aisle, talking about pranks for band camp when an old woman in a trench jacket and one of those plastic hair things stopped us. She said a really good think to do was to fill squirt guns with tomato juice and squirt people. We told her that was stupid idea and walked away. Then all of a sudden Em wasn't with me anymore and I walked into a room of the store. Near the wall, my friends Sarah and her brother Harry were sitting on the floor finger painting. On the wall behind me as I walked in, the Cambell girls (really creepy blond twins), my friend Sammie, and my dad, holding my dog Gracie were all standing there. I sat down with Sarah and Harry and asked if i could join them in finger painting. They said yes, so i did. All the other people were just starring at us. Then I decided I needed to wash my hands, and i looked to my left and one of the walls of the room as disappeared and beyond it was a lake. I walked out to the lake and washed my hands. When i turned around, a baboon was sitting on the beach. It looked nice, so i went up to it and reached out my hand to pet it. I jumped up and grabbed at my face and tried to bite it. I grabbed at it's mouth to try to hold it back and we fought like this. This fighting was now back in the room of the store and everyone was just watching. Then i glanced back at the baboon and it had turned into my dog Gracie. (By the way, my dog is the nicest thing in the world and has never even nipped at anyone, but she will lick you to death). Anyway, now Gracie was trying to bite my face. This totally surprised me because Gracie is so nice, so i looked back at my dad holding the leash, and Gracie was there with him. This confused me, because i thought Gracie was on my face right then, so I looked back at the thing attacking my face and It was the baboon again. Then I woke up.
(As a background to this blog: My family has a cottage up north at Torch Lake. My cousin's name is Max, and I have an aunt Holly, who is kind of an artist)

Date: Aug. 26, 2008
I was at the cottage, but it didn't look exactly like my cottage. The beach was huge and sand, not rocks and we had a giant deck going out over the water. The whole family was down at the beach, cousins, aunts, uncles, everybody. We were all having dinner together, grilling hotdogs, and roasting marshmallows. I wade into the lake about knee deep and just stand there. I eventually look down to see fish. There are never any fish at Torch Lake, so i get really excited. I run back up to the bonfire and grab a marshmallow skewer. I go back to the water and stab a fish. It was so easy. At one point i actually threw the skewer out about 10 feet and it flew back to me with a fish. Anyway, for some reason it was really important for me to get 5 fish. I couldn't stop until i got 5. I caught 2 right away and started a pile on the beach. The 3rd fish i caught was really weird looking though. It had really simplistic designs in primary colors all over it. It looked like it had been painted by somebody almost. I took it up to my aunt Holly to get her expert opinion, and she said it was a real fish, not painted, and that's just how it looked. I got excited so i ran back out to the water to try to catch more. By this time my whole family was out there trying to catch these special fish, but nobody else could. Only me. Then my cousin Max ran up to me and told me there was something i really needed to see. I ran after him and he led me beyond our tool shed about 2 miles to a valley. We looked down and there were these wild men. They had huts and fur clothes, and beards, and they were dirty, everything! They were really primitive. Max told me to be quiet so they didn't know we were there, but right as he said that I sneezed. The wild men looked up and saw us. They all started to chase us and we ran as fast as we could. I started to run back to the cottage, but half way there i realized I was leading them back to my family, but i didn't know where else to go. When i got back i was about to warn my family, but right before i could say anything i slipped on my pile of fish, fell and hit my head. Then I woke up.
Date: ?
I'm underwater, really really deep. Like middle of the frickin' ocean, 30 feet down deep. I don't actually feel the water around me though. I don't feel wet, or cold, and I'm not having any trouble breathing. I'm here for a while, just floating. Then these animals start attacking me. They are part seal and part manatee (Yes, these animals already look similar, but just believe me when i tell you it was combination). They have the sharpest teeth i have ever seen, and they are swimming at me really fast. They are trying to bite my face. I'm fighting them off and trying to protect my face. I'm not even scared though. I'm not frightened or worried at all...I'm really calm. I feel like I'm doing a really good job of fighting them off too, until all of a sudden I appear out of the water, standing on shore, and i look down at myself to see me totally torn up. I'm bleeding all over, and again, I'm not worried, I'm just disappointed i didn't do as well as i thought i did on fighting the animals off. Then I appear in a room. I know it's a hospital room, but it don't look like one. It looks like a mix of college dorm room and cottage in the middle of the woods. There are two other people there. There's a guy about 22 with brown wavy hair, and a 60 year old woman wearing a clown costume. They were my doctors. I get on the hospital bed, and they are about to cut into me, but i tell them that I'm not totally under yet, so they stop. To pass the time they decided to have a couple of beers. When i wake up, I see them passed out a couple of feet away. Then I try to lift my hands. They both come up at the same time, which is weird. Then I see why. The doctors had sewn my hands together, palm to palm, fingers spread apart. I wasn't worried about this at all...i was just interested. Then I woke up.

An Introduction

Just as an introduction to my blog, I thought I should explain what's going to happen. I'm going to write out my dreams. I have crazy dreams that are so vivid that I frequently get them confused with real life. For example, I will be reminiscing with my brothers about our lovely childhood, and mention something that they will then inform me never happened. This may seem cool to have such real dreams, but at the same time, a lot of my childhood I apparently made up myself, and I don't even know it. This obviously only works for the dreams that aren't about unicorns taking me to the prom or anything, ya know. Stuff that i actually would get confused with real life. But anyway, here a few that i remember.