Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Date: Nov. 19, 2008

My "mom" (I'm not really sure it was my real mom because I never saw her face) locked me up in the basement of a house. I've never seen this house before. The basement had white carpet, a gray couch, a t.v. and shelves lining the walls filled with children's toys. There were two doors off the the side that led to two different rooms. I never opened the first door, but the second door led to a GIANT room. It was about the size of half of a football field, longer than it was wide, and about 30 feet high. At this point in the dream the room was full of stuff but i never saw what because i closed the door and went back into the toy room. I started to get really angry because i realized i was locked up forever, and i wanted to make my "mom" made, so started to throw the toys at the walls to break them. No matter how hard i threw them though, they wouldn't break, and this made me even more angry. (then when i was dreaming this i realized it was a dream so i could make them break if i wanted to, because you can do anything in a dream, but still, they wouldn't break. This was really started to piss me off). Then my "mom" came down with a sandwich and told me to stop throwing things and left. I never saw her face. I sat on the couch for a few min. The couch was facing the door that led to the stairway going upstairs. I watched the door for a while. I never ate my sandwich. I never made any attempt to leave. I didn't even try to open the door. I just started at it. Eventually, I stood up and went back to the door that led to the giant room. I wanted to rollerblade in it. (Don't ask me why, I just really wanted to). When I went in this time it was completely empty, but there was a door on the opposite wall of the one i just walked through, so i went over to it and opened it. It led to a completely different building. It was like a portal or something. It led to a bar, right out onto a dance floor. I stepped through and all of a sudden i was wearing a black skimpy dress and i started to dance. It never occured to me that i had just escaped my prison. I never thought to just leave and never go back to that house. Instead i walked back through the door and into the giant room, sat on the floor and started a the blank, off white walls, and thought to myself, "I'm going to be locked up in here forever."
Then I woke up.

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