Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Date: End of July sometime

I was walking through a huge grocery store with my friend Em. I was like a Sams x 10 and the ceilings were so high a helicopter could have flown inside there. We were walking down an aisle, talking about pranks for band camp when an old woman in a trench jacket and one of those plastic hair things stopped us. She said a really good think to do was to fill squirt guns with tomato juice and squirt people. We told her that was stupid idea and walked away. Then all of a sudden Em wasn't with me anymore and I walked into a room of the store. Near the wall, my friends Sarah and her brother Harry were sitting on the floor finger painting. On the wall behind me as I walked in, the Cambell girls (really creepy blond twins), my friend Sammie, and my dad, holding my dog Gracie were all standing there. I sat down with Sarah and Harry and asked if i could join them in finger painting. They said yes, so i did. All the other people were just starring at us. Then I decided I needed to wash my hands, and i looked to my left and one of the walls of the room as disappeared and beyond it was a lake. I walked out to the lake and washed my hands. When i turned around, a baboon was sitting on the beach. It looked nice, so i went up to it and reached out my hand to pet it. I jumped up and grabbed at my face and tried to bite it. I grabbed at it's mouth to try to hold it back and we fought like this. This fighting was now back in the room of the store and everyone was just watching. Then i glanced back at the baboon and it had turned into my dog Gracie. (By the way, my dog is the nicest thing in the world and has never even nipped at anyone, but she will lick you to death). Anyway, now Gracie was trying to bite my face. This totally surprised me because Gracie is so nice, so i looked back at my dad holding the leash, and Gracie was there with him. This confused me, because i thought Gracie was on my face right then, so I looked back at the thing attacking my face and It was the baboon again. Then I woke up.

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