Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Date: Aug. 22, 2008

I was a boy mouse and I was in charge of a group of mice. I think some were family, some friends. We were standing outside a brick house at night and we were talking about how I was going to sneak in and get us some food. Just as I was starting to leave one f the mice stopped me and asked to get some computer paper while i was in there. Then all of a sudden i was in the kitchen of the house, on the stove, filling a plastic zip lock bag with crackers.
Then, as if this was a totally different dream, I appeared on a stage of a theater and I was me, a human again, but I was least 27 years old. I was in charge of a children's theater class. Kids from the age of 5 to 13 gathered around me and I was giving them a pep talk. Then I appeared on the same stage, but now all the kids were gone, and the lights weren't as bright. I think it was night. I was building the set for the play. I was making these boxes that were on wheels and expanded or not and swiveled to show a different scene depending on how to put them together. they were pretty cool. Then I appeared with the kids again, and i was just finishing a speech. I ended with "Now it doesn't matter if you mess up, just make sure you have fun, ok?!" and all the kids smiled and cheered and the curtains opened.
Then I appear back as the mouse again, and I'm just about to leave the house with all this food, and a woman has woken up and noticed me. She is about to chase me with a broom, and I need to get out, but then i remember the computer paper, so I need to go back. Then I woke up.

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