Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Date: Nov. 5, 2008

I'm at a sleepover at my friend Jessica's house. We are all lying on her family room floor talking about this girl from our art class that we all hate. I look over, and she is sleeping in a tent in Jess's kitchen wide awake, hearing everything we say. I feel really bad. Then all of a sudden I am in the woods in a deserted shack with someone. I don't know who, because I never look at their face. We are looking around in this deserted shack and find a bunch of packages. They were all sent pretty recently, and we are curious, so we start to open them. We find they are full of body parts. Ears, legs, fingers. We are totally scared shitless at this point because we figure some crazed maniac is going to find us in his shack, and then we hear this grunt behind us. We turn around to see a crazed maniac (duh). He is about 40 years old and had a gray beard and crazy gray hair sticking out all over. He's drooling a little bit. We start to run, but he catches us and sets us on fire. We try to put each other out by stomping on the fire, but it doesn't work, and they person with me stomped on my ankle so hard it broke. At this point we realize we are late for dinner, so we run home (still on fire mind you) and sit at the table and try to pretend like everything is ok. Our parents don't even notice that we are burning right there at the table, and finally we can't take it anymore, so we run outside to the lake that is in the front yard, and the person with me jumps in. Unfortunately, the water level went down like 3 feet and they didn't know it, so they hit the bottom pretty hard, and broke their legs. They warn me, but i'm still burning, so i decided to jump in anyway. Right as i break the surface of the water, I wake up.

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