Saturday, January 31, 2009

I don't remember this dream as vividly as many of my other ones, but i'll give this description a try.
It started out with kind of a Wizard of Oz type feel to it. A magical land, with weird creatures. Maybe even a Narnia. I was in a large field and there were a bunch of these animal type things all over. They could all talk also. I was hanging out with a couple of them, but I can't describe them at all. Then I remember there was a hot air balloon and we were in it, but then the basket disappeared, and there were just a couple of ropes coming off the bottom and we were clinging to them. The balloon dropped us off in the field, and we started chasing after this thing that I guess was a bad guy. We caught him and we were holding him down. Then it started raining popcorn and for some reason we thought that if we shoved as much popcorn as possible into the bad guy's mouth we would win. So we proceeded to run all over catching as much popcorn as possible and filled the bad guys mouth with it. We defeated him and so we sat and ate cotton candy (I don't know where we got it) and then i woke up.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here are some new little notes I found by my bed when I woke up:

Hey! Stop it! Glitter.

Babies came flying

Also, I remember part of a dream about skydiving...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Date: Jan 11, 2009

My dad was driving a car, and my mom and I were in the back seat. Nobody was in the front seat. He started driving through a drive-thru but then it turned into a country road. My chest starting hurting really badly so i laid down in the back seat and tried to sleep. I couldn't fall asleep so I ended up just looking at the car's floor. Then a tiny turtle came out from under my seat and was walking around the floor of the car. It looked like a snapping turtle, with the spike-ish head, but it was about the size of half of my fist. I picked it up and was looking at it, but then it jumped from my hand and started to walk under the front seat. I didn't want to tell my parents about him for some reason. Then I started to focus on how much my chest hurt still and how much pain I was in. Then I woke up... with heart burn.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Date: 1-10-09

My brother John and I were going to Alaska to go camping. We started to gather food from an abandoned kitchen to get ready. We found a lot of pizza crusts, a cup of chili, and a package of sour patch kids. We put all of this in a pillowcase, grabbed a lot of clothes because i guess Alaska is supposed to be cold or something? :) Anyway, when we got there we set up a tent and got in. It was really really cold, and we ran out of food quickly. We tried to leave in the car we got there with, but it was out of gas. There was no way for us to leave. We died. Then I woke up.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jan 2, 2009

I went to the mall with my brother john, but i've never been to this mall before. We went to a lot of stores that i usually hate, like stores with dresses and stuff. One of these had a dress that was completely covered in white power sugar or something. It was really weird. Then john wasn't with me anymore. Somebody was, but it wasn't john, and i never got to see their face. Eventually I made my way to a music store that was renovated from a clothing store, so people went into the changing rooms to listen to music... kind of like the things you find in a museum. The walls were completely covered in graffiti and posters. When i first walked in the was a wall with things you could buy like a red, green, and yellow knit hat, a dred wig, wallets, and belts. After you walked past all of the changing rooms there was a small room at the end that people can get there hair cut at. My friend Jess was working there. I said hi to her and we talked for a little bit. She said she was absolutely terrible at giving haircuts, but she was new, so they haven't fired her yet. Then all of a sudden i was in a different store. I didn't walk to it or anything. It was bedding store for the younger generation. Not little kid, but like teenagers. There was a girl there I know from marching band. She plays the trumpet, and she's a freshman. I don't know her name, and i've never really talked to her before so it's weird she was in my dream. I was following her around the store on a skateboard (that the store also sells) which is also strange because i don't know how to ride a skateboard. I stopped following trumpet girl and just started to skateboard around the store, and i one point i passed a girl i know named Erin. She was describing the pillows she already owns so the store lady could help her choose another one. As i passed her she shouted out "hey addie! Go redwings!" and i waved and moved on. Now, i don't watch hockey, but if i did i guess i would cheer for the redwings, but... i don't watch hockey. Anyway i stopped skateboarding and looked at the bottom of the skateboard i had been on. It was a shimmering bird with a flower...something that a 5 year old girl would love. I decided to look at some others the store offered to buy one of those if they were cool. I looked around for someone working there and a teacher from my school, Ms. Ranke came up and offered to show me more skateboards. As we were walking to them i saw another teacher Mrs. Hager. She was kind of blocking our way, so Ms. Ranke said "Please move Hager." with which Mrs. Hager responded "Please put a Mrs. in from of that. Don't give me that look, it's the name i've been given." Finally we made our way over the skateboards and Ms. Ranke said "I don't know if you're going to like this, but it's one of my favorites. It's a make your own skateboard picture in glow in the dark! It comes with a camera that takes a picture in glow...." but i stopped her because it sounded stupid. Then my alarm went up and i woke up.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jan 1, 2009

I was at marching band camp like i've done for the last 4 years and one of our activities was "the battle of the bands" so the students who had rock bands would compete and the students who didn't would just watch. I had a band (although i don't in real life) and we were getting our equipment together and then headed down to wear all the bands would set up. We went to my family's cottage's beach, but the beach extended out to the end of our dock instead of stopping near the beginning. There were about 7 bands that were on the beach and ours got set up last. I played drums for some reason even though in real life i can play guitar, bass guitar, and keyboards, but NOT drums. Anyway our band played first but i never got to find our who won because when our song ended i woke up.