Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jan 1, 2009

I was at marching band camp like i've done for the last 4 years and one of our activities was "the battle of the bands" so the students who had rock bands would compete and the students who didn't would just watch. I had a band (although i don't in real life) and we were getting our equipment together and then headed down to wear all the bands would set up. We went to my family's cottage's beach, but the beach extended out to the end of our dock instead of stopping near the beginning. There were about 7 bands that were on the beach and ours got set up last. I played drums for some reason even though in real life i can play guitar, bass guitar, and keyboards, but NOT drums. Anyway our band played first but i never got to find our who won because when our song ended i woke up.

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