Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Date: Jan 11, 2009

My dad was driving a car, and my mom and I were in the back seat. Nobody was in the front seat. He started driving through a drive-thru but then it turned into a country road. My chest starting hurting really badly so i laid down in the back seat and tried to sleep. I couldn't fall asleep so I ended up just looking at the car's floor. Then a tiny turtle came out from under my seat and was walking around the floor of the car. It looked like a snapping turtle, with the spike-ish head, but it was about the size of half of my fist. I picked it up and was looking at it, but then it jumped from my hand and started to walk under the front seat. I didn't want to tell my parents about him for some reason. Then I started to focus on how much my chest hurt still and how much pain I was in. Then I woke up... with heart burn.

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babbler said...

This dream made me remember the dream I had last night about my real life pet frog, I was talking to it and having a full conversation with it, it told me she was hungry and we went to a drive through to get something to eat. Weird, huh? I wonder if me and the froggy were in the car behind you!