Saturday, January 31, 2009

I don't remember this dream as vividly as many of my other ones, but i'll give this description a try.
It started out with kind of a Wizard of Oz type feel to it. A magical land, with weird creatures. Maybe even a Narnia. I was in a large field and there were a bunch of these animal type things all over. They could all talk also. I was hanging out with a couple of them, but I can't describe them at all. Then I remember there was a hot air balloon and we were in it, but then the basket disappeared, and there were just a couple of ropes coming off the bottom and we were clinging to them. The balloon dropped us off in the field, and we started chasing after this thing that I guess was a bad guy. We caught him and we were holding him down. Then it started raining popcorn and for some reason we thought that if we shoved as much popcorn as possible into the bad guy's mouth we would win. So we proceeded to run all over catching as much popcorn as possible and filled the bad guys mouth with it. We defeated him and so we sat and ate cotton candy (I don't know where we got it) and then i woke up.

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