Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Date: ?
I'm underwater, really really deep. Like middle of the frickin' ocean, 30 feet down deep. I don't actually feel the water around me though. I don't feel wet, or cold, and I'm not having any trouble breathing. I'm here for a while, just floating. Then these animals start attacking me. They are part seal and part manatee (Yes, these animals already look similar, but just believe me when i tell you it was combination). They have the sharpest teeth i have ever seen, and they are swimming at me really fast. They are trying to bite my face. I'm fighting them off and trying to protect my face. I'm not even scared though. I'm not frightened or worried at all...I'm really calm. I feel like I'm doing a really good job of fighting them off too, until all of a sudden I appear out of the water, standing on shore, and i look down at myself to see me totally torn up. I'm bleeding all over, and again, I'm not worried, I'm just disappointed i didn't do as well as i thought i did on fighting the animals off. Then I appear in a room. I know it's a hospital room, but it don't look like one. It looks like a mix of college dorm room and cottage in the middle of the woods. There are two other people there. There's a guy about 22 with brown wavy hair, and a 60 year old woman wearing a clown costume. They were my doctors. I get on the hospital bed, and they are about to cut into me, but i tell them that I'm not totally under yet, so they stop. To pass the time they decided to have a couple of beers. When i wake up, I see them passed out a couple of feet away. Then I try to lift my hands. They both come up at the same time, which is weird. Then I see why. The doctors had sewn my hands together, palm to palm, fingers spread apart. I wasn't worried about this at all...i was just interested. Then I woke up.

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