Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Date With God

God asked me on a date last Sunday night,
And I'll admit it was a bit awkward.
I hadn't talked to him since the Big Fight,
And lacking in belief, wasn't assured.

I wasn't close enough to him to be
At ease, and he kept looking through the dust
Upon my heart and soul, and I could clearly see
That he was troubled by my lack of trust.

He asked me why I left and I replied,
I couldn't stand the hate of those that say
They love thy neighbors true and always tried
To follow His good teachings and The Way.

"They hate and beat and slander gays! They lie!
Those are your kids!" "I know" He said, and cried.

Addie Forgrave

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Anonymous said...

You are one talented writing son of a gun! I like this one and the above.