Saturday, May 16, 2009

Date: 5/15/09
You know how when you were kid you played the game where you couldn't touch the floor and if you did you died? Well last night i had a dream where I was in this huge room with about 3 other people i've never met before and we literally couldn't touch the ground. If we did we would die, but it's not like in the dream the ground was lava or anything. It was just normal carpet but the threat of death was all too real. We were moving along the walls on chairs, the baseboards, bookshelves, anything. After making it around a corner, the girl in front fell off a chair and hit the ground. She lay there twitching and dieing before our eyes and we all screamed and cried. No, we didn't really know this girl but somehow we had all formed a bond and now one of our own was dead. After a while we decided we needed to keep moving. I don't really know why we felt the need to keep going. We weren't running from anything or trying to get anywhere. There was no real need to move, but in our minds it was very important. At one point my foot slipped from a side table and I started to fall. I grabbed onto a picture hanging on the wall and hung there for a while. Then I woke up.

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